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K-Zone TV Episode 43: Chillin’ With The Villains

Dan and Ange unbox the spook-tacular November issue!

Bowser, Joker and He Who Must Not Be Named – this month we’re chillin’ with the villains. The Hall of Shame brings together Spider-Man’s biggest baddies, and those that have played the new Spider-Man game will see a few familiar faces. Halloween and Goosebumps 2 are almost here and we have some sweet advice about which of its monsters you shouldn’t invite to your haunted hangs. Plus, a spooky selection of puzzles, pranks and prizes!

The November issue comes with free Zombie Deadheads!


Are you kidding me? What shops are they in? Are they in Coles Aurora Village? Tell me if they are in the store im talking about!
17/10/2018 6:07:41 AM
What would you rather have?
Lightsabers for arms!
BB-8s for legs!