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Want to see Aaron and Aideen take on the Slime Cup obstacle course?

Aaron and Aideen were lucky enough to be invited to the ultimate battle arena – SLIME CUP! Representing K-Zone, they got to run Stage 1 of the most epic set of challenges known to slime-kind. Want to see them slip, slide, fall and trip into slime? Of course you do! Check it out below!

In a race against time, the A-Team had to climb up to The Drop, slide down into slime, run across The Slipping Stones (avoiding slime bombs), jog through The Log Slog, attempt to climb Mt Never-Rest, and finally exit through The Super Slipper to reach the crank and finish the course! It was beyond intense, and already so hard to do – but competitors in Slime Cup actually have to do the whole course while collecting puzzle pieces at the same time, and assemble the puzzle in record time! Crazy!

Let us know in the comments below if you think you would do a better job running the course than Aaron and Aideen!

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Slime Cup premiered 5:30pm Friday June 30 on Nickelodeon! Make sure you catch the next five episodes, especially the finale on Friday August 4 at 5:30pm!

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