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Olympic Pranks and Lost Passports with Cate and Bronte Campbell

Cate and Bronte Campbell share their favourite things about being professional swimmers, the funniest pranks at the Olympic Games, and more!

Which Olympic sport are you best at? Vote in our poll!

Watch our first interview with Cate and Bronte, where they discuss which swimming legends inspired them to become Olympians, tips on how to prepare for competition, and more!

Sister Secrets, by Cate and Bronte Campbell, is out now!

Want more with Cate and Bronte Campbell? Read their competitive swimming advice, tips for reaching your sporting goals, and more!

Don’t miss our other interviews with Aussie Olympians, like legendary long jumper Brooke Stratton, top track cyclist Kaarle McCulloch, and table tennis star Michelle Bromley!

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