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I like anime and games so i have vrchat on my steam wishlist until i get a vr headset - Liam You rock k zone - Lucas K-zone is the best!!! - Yolanda W I love you guys! I just started reading and I don’t want to stop. I was so bored this holidays, luckily you guys were here to save my boredom! - Maggie S Kzone is the BEST, I like the game cheats the most :D - Casey L Way better than my Nintendo Switch Lite - Levi K-zone RULES - John K-Zone Is Awesome!!! - Javier Kzone is THE BEST - Aaryan I love k-zone keep it up - Krish


legend not even hard to get
6/5/2016 9:06:08 AM
I have watched lord of the rings like a million of times and i am to young for it i am 11
13/3/2016 7:27:43 AM
I think think The lord of the rings is amazing! My friend is crazy for it!!
17/4/2014 12:44:55 AM
What side are you?