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What Bakugan faction is your fave?

What Bakugan faction is your fave?

Choose your favourite faction!
What Bakugan faction is your fave?
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Harry B
nothiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing else
22/3/2020 5:46:23 PM
Bella H
i love Bakugan
4/2/2020 7:04:19 PM
Anya G
i honestly don't know
17/1/2020 10:30:24 AM
Bradley W
darkus is the best
4/1/2020 5:19:54 PM
Darkus rocks!👍
15/12/2019 6:47:39 PM
Darkus rocks!👍
15/12/2019 6:47:36 PM
declan r
ventus is my fave
12/12/2019 4:43:23 PM
Ari S
Pyrus rules
11/12/2019 8:09:37 PM
hamish d
i am a Haos
27/11/2019 4:39:51 PM
Ashton P
darkus is the best by far
27/11/2019 2:29:48 PM
dominic n
darkus is best
26/11/2019 1:57:44 PM
Leo H
Darkus for ever!!😎😎
23/11/2019 2:27:11 PM
Who would win in a bog snorkeling race?
Judy from Zootopia
Po from Kung Fu Panda 3
Mowgli from The Jungle Book