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I hope this gets in the amazing mags!thanks k-zone - Eran K zone, you are the best 😏 - Nathaniel W Ma name is jeff - Jeffjeff Kzone is very very cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 - Will R I really want to be in your mags, in the shout outs. If I do it will make my day even better! - Eran K.....Z......O......N......E that’s my fav mags in the 🌍 - Eran Please tell the game ninja that I would like to have battle cat tips! Thanks - Charlie C Wow, in this edition of kzone, the Star Wars comic is truly awesome. Well done team k-zoneπŸ‘πŸ‘ - Jeremy B Ur the best K-Zone! 😜 - Liam C Grogu Is the bestttt in the worldddd, we all agree πŸ™‚ - Eran
Which author makes you LOL the most?

Which author makes you LOL the most?

Which author makes you LOL the most?
Which author makes you LOL the most?
David Walliams
Jeff Kinney
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Lucas Z
Have all the wimpy kid books + Rowley & highly recommend
22/1/2021 2:25:44 PM
Lachie J
jeff kenny is best
20/1/2021 11:59:32 AM
Louis B
I think people should vote for David Walliams
11/1/2021 7:10:27 PM
I have all the diary of a wimpy kid series up to the deep end/ 15 but now I just need Rowley's awesome friendly adventure
7/12/2020 10:20:07 AM
John F
I have 1 to 6 of wimpy kid and the rowly jefferson's books.
27/11/2020 8:27:12 AM
Alasdair g
David walliams is really funny but Jeff Kinney no books are more funny!
25/11/2020 7:01:02 PM
Riley L
He makes mad and funny wimpy kid stories
23/11/2020 6:54:14 PM
Ethan T
16/11/2020 4:00:45 PM
Ethan S
15/10/2020 7:02:51 PM
Great Work! Plz make bumper issues
4/10/2020 5:36:52 PM
Jeff Kinney is the best of time
4/10/2020 9:56:32 AM
Amin A
David is the best! (Also the closest you'll get to Roald Dahl)
3/10/2020 2:46:27 PM
Archie D
David, he is way better
1/10/2020 1:23:35 PM
Which show do you prefer?
The Mandalorian
Junior MasterChef Australia