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Kzone is the bomb - Blake L I am So Cool - Vincent L kkkkkkkkkk zzzzzzzzzooooooooonnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee - Lorcan M K-zone is EXELENT!!! - Timothy L K-zone is the best 🤑 - Noah I love you so much k-zone - Deegan Sup k zone you guys are awesome - Max I love k zone it is the best - lawson You are the best - Jacob G Kzone you guys are so alsome that I want to be in the community. - Cody P
Which is worse?

Which is worse?

Which is worse?
Which is worse?
Stepping in dog poo
Splitting your pants
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footy is gone because of covid-19
28/3/2020 1:29:30 PM
Which Fortnite skin is your fave?
Storm Racer