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Who would win in a long jump competition?

Who would win in a long jump competition?

Who would win in a long jump competition?
Crash Bandicoot


Erin S
My favourite Pet Dog Jesse Is Taking A Rest Because She is Tired OK
27/2/2021 9:37:10 PM
Autumn W
17/2/2021 4:25:38 AM
Sonny L
Going for Crash Bandicoot .. I like the underdogs
15/2/2021 3:38:36 PM
Hamza D
Mario can do a BLJ full stop.
8/2/2021 3:41:33 PM
Matthew plenty of people play Crash, just because you don't doesn't mean other people don't
18/1/2021 7:22:45 PM
Matthew A
Mario for sure plus who plays crash bandicoot
16/1/2021 9:53:07 PM
Phoenix I
Mario because he has a whole bunch of abilities to extend his jump length.
11/1/2021 7:14:39 PM
Daniel B
Mario because he can glide and double jump plus if yoshi was with him he can jump higher thanks yoshi
9/1/2021 10:26:59 PM
Lewis M
9/1/2021 7:31:11 PM
Lachie J
ive seen mario long jump
9/1/2021 4:26:20 PM
Mario is the highest jumping character
8/1/2021 10:26:00 AM
Zachary T
6/1/2021 11:30:19 PM
Zachary T
6/1/2021 11:30:19 PM
Jack G
Mario cause he can double jump.
5/1/2021 4:37:59 PM
samuel r
Mario jumps like a boss
1/1/2021 5:32:41 AM
samuel r
Mario jumps like a boss
31/12/2020 1:40:32 PM
Cooper H
Mario because when i play his game he jumps really far and high!
27/12/2020 3:32:58 PM
Steev J
i chose Mario because I chose to
26/12/2020 9:36:01 AM
samuel p
I play Crash Bandicoot his jump was high but I think that mario will win
14/12/2020 5:14:24 PM
Which ride is cooler?