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Can you please release the January 2021 winners.And by the way K-zone Rocks - Samuel G Best camera gremlin says hi - Best camera gremlin Definitely my fav mag of all time! I used to read K-ZONE in my comfort zone when I was a child and now I re-reading the previous issues because it's so nostalgic. #alwaysyoung - Cedric M kk---zzooooonneeeee - Rory D i love candice kimpton - shane b K-zone rules - joshua c K-zone is da best bro (I'm new) - Rory D shout out to Ava - Evan R yay kzone! - hayden PLZ DO PIGGY - Autumn W
4 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Cheats

4 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Cheats

Psst! These tricks also work on the Wii U’s Mario Kart 8!


If you want to replace Metal Mario with Gold Mario, come first in all 12 of the 200cc cups. No pressure! Plus, collect 10,000 coins to unlock the Gold Glider. To get the Gold Standard Kart, win every 150cc and Mirror Mode Cup in Grand Prix mode. Best all the Staff Ghosts on 150cc in Time Trial mode to score Gold Tyres.


Not in the lead? No worries! Line up your kart with the racer in front of you to score a slipstreaming boost. Then in the anti-gravity parts of the racetracks, ram into other karts to get a boost! Plus, use environmental hazards like shockwaves or upswells for a boost. Jump as they bump you for the boost.


You can pinch certain items from other racers. If you spot a karter with mushrooms or the Crazy 8 spinning around their kart, make a beeline for them. By ramming into the spinning items, you’ll activate its effects for you. Just don’t do it to bombs or bananas!


You can switch the season for the Animal Crossing track in any offline mode except for Time Trials. Before you tap A to select it, hold L to make it spring. Or hold R to turn up the heat for summer. Holding ZL before pressing A switches to autumn. And holding ZR instead makes the track a whole lot cooler with a winter setting!


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