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Behind The Scenes: Sonic Colours: Ultimate

Behind The Scenes: Sonic Colours: Ultimate

It’s been a big year for Sonic! We had a chat to Sonic Studio Creative Officer Takashi Iizuka about celebrating Sonic’s 30th anniversary and the cool new game Sonic Colours: Ultimate.

KZ: Hi Takashi! What is your favourite thing about your job?

T: In terms of game production, the early phases of coming up with game concepts and thinking about the overall structure are the most enjoyable for me. As production progresses, the things you think about start getting limited by budgets and costs, so the very beginning of a project is when game design is the most fun. Also, when a game releases and fans enjoy what we made, I think that’s the moment when I really think, ’I’m so glad I have this job.’

KZ: Sonic celebrates his 30th anniversary this year. What has been your favourite Sonic achievement?

T: It’s a privilege to be able to work on Sonic development for this long. I think the achievement I remember most is taking 2D Sonic and evolving it into a 3D action game as Sonic Adventure. Sonic continued to evolve in various ways over the years, and seeing him in a movie in 2020 was very emotional for me.

KZ: What is your favourite Sonic vs Dr. Eggman battle of all time?

T: Personally, I like the battle in Sonic Adventure 2 – I liked that you could enjoy it from different perspectives in the Hero and Dark stories. The part at the end where the heroes and villains cooperate to take on a different threat is my favorite scene.

KZ: If you had to choose a world from Sonic Colours: Ultimate to transport to, which one would you choose?

T: I’d have to say Tropical Resort. I think it’s an attractive place with relaxing, tropical buildings decorated in bright colours with fireworks and neon. It would be great to be able to spend a summer vacation in a resort like that.

KZ: If you could pick a Sonic character to spend a day at a theme park with, who would it be?

T:  Amy Rose!

KZ: If you could be a Wisp, which one would you select?

T: The Jade Wisp that was newly added to Sonic Colours: Ultimate, I think. Its ability lets you turn transparent like a ghost and pass through objects, and I can’t think of a better ability to have in real life. Everyone fantasises about being able to turn invisible at least once, right?

KZ: What can you tell us about the new Tails Save function in Sonic Colours: Ultimate?

T: Tails Save isn’t a function that players use on purpose. It’s an assistance function that triggers if a player falls by accident, and Tails takes you back to a place before the fall. I think it will help make it easier for beginners to enjoy the game.

KZ: What advice would you give to K-Zoners who want to be a part of the videogame creating process one day?

T: Nowadays you see many games that are large-scale productions like movies, but when I first started in game production at SEGA I learned to make games on a small scale with teams of 10 or 20 people. Even now, you still have many people who are making games with their friends for fun. It’s easier than ever to get into making games, so I think it’s great to get started by doing whatever you can.

Want to read more of our interview with Takashi or check out more Sonic awesomeness? Grab the October issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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