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Cheats: F1 2021

Cheats: F1 2021

Avoid getting stuck in the pits by following the bits in these full-throttle tips to get you ahead of the pack in F1 2021! Available On: PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S, PC


Don’t ignore Time Trial mode. It’s totes the best way to learn a new track. Or improve on a familiar one. Or master a tricky one! Flick on the dynamic racing line to make learning the high-speed ropes easier. Plus, switch on the on-track telemetry line for god-tier guidance.


F1 2021’s difficulty starts at 1 and stretches up to 110. Huge! Here’s how to find the right mix of challenge and fun. Start at 55. Set a Grand Prix map to three laps. Now get racing. Getting lapped by the AI? Send those difficulty numbers south. Blitzing past the competition? Up those numbers.


Here’s a speedy way to shave precious seconds off your lap time. Switch on ‘Pit assist’ in the options. Normally, you have to slow down when entering the pits or you get penalised (or disqualified!). But with pit assist on, speed into pits at full throttle. It’ll automatically slow you down when it has to.

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