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Cheats: Star Wars Squadrons

Cheats: Star Wars Squadrons

Shoot off into space a race to become the next ace with these pro piloting pointers for Star Wars Squadrons! This game is for older K-Zoners! Available On: PS4, XBO, PC, PS5, XSX, XSS


The Force is strong with Poe Dameron’s deft drift manoeuvre. Tap D-pad left to push power into engines. Tap left stick to boost. Then turn while holding left stick in. Now you’re drifting! For a tighter turn mid-drift, throttle down to the midpoint sweet spot. Repeat the boosting process to chain dodging drifts together.


That drift move above is one slick way to dodge incoming missiles. But there are other tricks. Keep an ear out for wingmates’ warnings when there’s a baddie on your tail. Missile incoming? Steer hard one way. Full speed or boost. Then throttle back to the midpoint. Steer another way. Full speed ahead again. Repeat to shake missiles and pesky starfighters!


Imperial Star Destroyers and New Republic MC75 Star Cruisers are bigger than the Hulk. And harder to take down. Get in fast to get under the shields. Then focus fire on the shield generators. Now stick to the capital ship’s belly or butt. Fighters and Interceptors strafe turrets. Bombers and Supports hit the targeting system, then the power system. Boom time!

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