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Coming Soon: Hello Neighbor 2

Coming Soon: Hello Neighbor 2

The next-door neighbour in Hello Neighbor 2 isn’t a halo-wearing hero! For older K-Zoners, yo! Available On: XSX/S, PC in 2021

Your creepy neighbour is clearly up to no good again in Hello Neighbor 2. And he def ain’t a good host. So it’s up to an investigative journo to dig into this mega mystery. The first game was more about player vs home-stayer in a multi-storey house. Now the story is much bigger. Explore the entire Raven Brooks town, right from the get-go. So get going. Part of your investigations are out in the town. Others have you sneaking into that not-so-friendly neighbour’s house. Theodore Peterson ain’t no teddy, but he is ready for you. Whenever he sees or catches you, he learns. Hello Neighbor 2’s hunting AI is so smart it learns from every other player, too. So sinister Mr Peterson gets cleverer from other player’s mistakes! Outsmart him by combo-ing clever solutions and pinpoint platforming to crack crafty puzzles.


If you wanna prep for the thrills of Hello Neighbor 2, check out these prequel picks. Obvs, there’s the orig Hello Neighbor. That’s the best place to start. Flipped out over that? Flip open the Hello Neighbor prequel books! There are two prequel trilogies to fill in some of the juicy backstory deets.


Leo L
gee, stubing ya toe is way hurtful!! wow
19/10/2021 7:25:33 PM
James A
I love hn :))))
18/10/2021 5:38:40 PM
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