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Coming Soon: Sonic Generations

Coming Soon: Sonic Generations

Sonic's 20th Anniversary game is set to be the most epic of the series yet!

Sonic the Hedgehogs come a long way in 20 years, in this year's Sonic Generations, you'll get to re-live it all!
There's a stack of upcoming games to be excited about at the mo', but Sonic Generations might just be our pick of the bunch!
Launching to celebrate Sonic's 20th Anniversary, you'll get to play as the classic 1991 character as well as the modern day hero!
Gameplay takes place across three eras of Sonic video game history, with old-school environments re-built in HD!
Bringing together all the best bits of Sonic's 20 years - we reckon Generations could be the most epic game of the series yet!
Sonic Generation is due out later this year - stay tuned for more info, pics and videos!

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