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Create your own Croods creature!

Create your own Croods creature!

It's easy-as: print and create your own crazy Crood!

Have you seen The Croods yet? This LOL-arious flick follows a prehistoric family's awesome adventure when they're forced to flee their cave for the new world.

There are some funky creatures in the movie! Mother Nature was still experimenting, so why not create your own creatures too?

Have a crack at the Croods Creature Creator!


Kaye m
I am so excited!
29/9/2020 7:18:38 PM
Vijay N
Pray Hoppers: Pray mantis + grasshopper. Color : green or Brown Food: Birger or a dog horse
20/9/2020 3:17:22 AM
Vijay N
Pray Hoppers: Pray mantis + grasshopper
20/9/2020 3:06:21 AM
Vijay N
Can you make a grasshopper + pray mantis please
20/9/2020 12:16:57 AM
Maceo Susi
22/7/2014 4:28:47 PM
Maceo Susi
22/7/2014 4:28:45 PM
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