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Definitely my fav mag of all time! I used to read K-ZONE in my comfort zone when I was a child and now I re-reading the previous issues because it's so nostalgic. #alwaysyoung - Cedric M I have the best mum, brothers and sister EVER! KZONE RULES - Shannon Hello k zone I don’t know if anyone reads these but could you please put more fall guys in (and more fortnite for my brother) thank you SO much you make the best mags!! Thx 😊 - Eli C i love K-zone - Jack the new issue is awesome. i hope i can win the harry potter book set - dylan b Wassup! - Exorox yay kzone! - hayden hi - Archomatronic A Shout out to my BFF HAZZA! - Avier shoutout to people in lockdown for staying safe! - Brodie G