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Meet A Cell Biologist

Meet A Cell Biologist

Meet Dr Bianca Lê, a cell biologist who is studying the teeny tiny world of cells that make up all humans, plants and animals.

KZ: Hi Bianca! What inspired or influenced your decision to become a cell biologist?

B: In Year 9, I had an incredible science teacher who was also very strict. She made everyone work really hard on all of our assignments. I remember working extra hard on one particular assignment so that she wouldn’t yell at me. When she read my report, my teacher said my work was better than any year 9 student she had ever seen! Since then, I made sure I worked hard on all of my science homework – all of that extra time I spent on science made me realise how interesting and fun science can be!

KZ: What are the best and worst parts of your job?

B: The best part of my job is getting to talk to big groups of people about my research, whether it’s in a classroom, at a conference, on radio, or getting interviewed for a magazine! The worst part is having to do all these talks on Zoom instead of in person because of Covid-19. If we all do our bit to stop the spread of the virus, then hopefully we can go back to seeing each other in person!

KZ: What would K-Zoners be surprised to learn about you?

B: I love music and dancing! When I’m not working, I play the piano and dance ballet. I was the senior music captain back in high school!

Want to read more of our interview with Dr Bianca Lê? Grab the April 2021 'Monster Fun' issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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Halo G
Hello my name is Halo and I do science at school. I want to be a scientist when I’m bigger.
4/4/2021 8:27:49 PM
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