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Meet BMX Legend Logan Martin

Meet BMX Legend Logan Martin

Aussie BMX pro Logan Martin recently won the first ever Men’s Cycling BMX Freestyle Olympic gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics! We asked him the big questions about his legendary BMX skills, LEGO and living life as a BMX pro!

KZ: Hi Logan! Growing up, did anyone inspire or influence your decision to become a pro BMX rider?

L: I first started going down to the skate park with my brother, we moved close to the skate park. So he started going down and I figured, you know, one day I'd tag along, so he definitely got me into the sport. Once I was a fan of the sport, I started watching it on TV, watching the international competitions, like X Games and all the big competitions over in America. The pros that were winning the events at the time, were sort of my inspiration, no single person, but just anyone riding X Games, riding bikes in competitions was my inspiration. That's where I wanted to go; after watching those events, it's where I aspired to be.

KZ: What is the best thing about being a pro BMX rider, and what is the hardest part?

L: The best thing about being a pro BMX rider is, I get to travel the world doing what I love, but because I travel so much, it's hard on my family life. My family has to stay on the Gold Coast while I while I go to events; that definitely makes it difficult. Especially in these times where I've had to come back and do hotel quarantine for two weeks, so that makes it difficult. The travel is the good thing and the bad thing. It goes hand in hand.

KZ: What is something about your sport that people often don’t understand?

L: Before the Olympics, and early in my career, the sport was never looked at as a professional sport. When I came onto the scene in 2013, I treated it like a professional sport, I trained like an athlete. I eat healthy, I go to the gym, and I ride a lot. I truly treated it like a professional sport and over the years, it's become seen as that as well. It isn't looked at as little hoons at the skate park anymore, especially now that it's an Olympic sport. Parents will look at it as a professional sport, which is great.

KZ: You’re partnering with LEGO to celebrate the new LEGO City Stuntz range! If you could build anything with LEGO, what would it be?

L: I'd love to build my backyard skate park with LEGO bricks, and then use the little LEGO BMX on the skatepark.

KZ: Even though it isn’t currently made of LEGO, your backyard skate park is already super cool! How long did it take to make?

L: It took about four weeks in total – from start to finish, about a month.

KZ: If you could add an item or minifig to the LEGO City Stuntz Range, what would you pick?

L: I would make a little mini BMX bike! They have the little motorbikes jumping through the ramps and things like that, but I would make a little BMX bike where the handlebars can spin around and you can do BMX tricks on it.

Want to read more of our interview with Logan? Grab the January 2022 issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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