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Meet Rad from Good Game Spawn Point

Meet Rad from Good Game Spawn Point

Watch Rad on Good Game Spawn Point on Saturdays at 9:00am on ABC ME, or repeats Sundays at 2:50pm and Fridays at 8:20pm!

KZ: Hey Rad! Can you share any behind the scenes secrets?

R: Our studio is actually renovated office space! It's smaller than it looks on screen, and lives right next to our office. So sometimes we go in there to play games to review, or have lunch together. It's our little office lounge room! Also, the comic book wall? The GGSP team actually spent about two days taking cool pages out of old comics and sticking them up! I put up maybe a quarter of the wall myself!

KZ: Should K-Zoners look out for any Easter eggs on the show?

R: Stuff moves around on set all the time, but in the middle of the big controller, hanging off the middle two shelves, is a little pixel art D.A.R.R.E.N. ornament that a fan made for us! It's very cool.


Favourite game to play at the moment: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Most emotional game you’ve played recently: Spiritfarer

Most fun game you’ve played recently: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Most visually impressive game you’ve played recently: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The last game that frustrated you: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

KZ: Which host is most likely to laugh uncontrollably while filming?

R: Probably me or Gem – or both of us together! The last time it happened was because someone stumbled saying 'delicious' but said 'delicion' instead, and we just couldn't stop laughing.

KZ: Is there a host or crew member that is always able to make everyone laugh?

R: Everyone is pretty funny in a different way. Our camera operator JP makes me laugh heaps, and Will does a great Mickey Mouse impression that always gets me.

KZ: Do you have any unusual hobbies or talents that would surprise K-Zoners?

R: I play music! I can play guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, and even a little bit of banjo!

KZ: Can you share any personal tips that you found useful when playing games recently?

R: For Animal Crossing, put your money into your bank account. You can earn quite a bit of interest! For Ori and the Will of the Wisps, don't try to just from the very top of a wall - you'll generally hit the top and lose a bit of height. Let yourself slide down a little bit first. Your second jump won't give you much height, but will give you lots more distance - so make sure you do it at the height of your first jump, and you can let yourself drift down to your destination!

The Good Game Spawn Point Host Most Likely To…

Secretly have superpowers: Will. He's good at keeping secrets.

Trip on nothing: Rad. Not very coordinated.

Win at arm wrestling: Gem. Stronk.

Eat gross food for a dare: Me. I will do it without a dare!

Make everyone laugh: Will. He has a great dry sense of humour.

Compete at the Olympic Games: Me. Very competitive!

Have a terrible memory: Me. I think. I can't remember.

Want to read more of our interview with Rad? Grab the June 2020 issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

Watch Good Game Spawn Point Saturdays at 9:00am on ABC ME, or repeats Sundays at 2:50pm and Fridays at 8:20pm!


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