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Mountains Of Minecraft

We excavate the latest gold from the chaseable content recently released and on the horizon for Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons!


The Caves and Cliffs Update was so epic that the Mojang maestros split it in two! Part I stuffed in cute mobs, cool gear and rad new blocks. Meanwhile, Part II is fully focused on making the high heights higher and caves, uh, cave-ier. There are more elaborate cave systems – even the ore veins are larger. This Part II update also brings an awesome lighting source – candles!


Speaking of caves, in the upcoming Wild Update, you’ll find the Deep Dark biome underground. It’s stuffed with sweet swag. Plus, keep an eye out for the noisy Shrieker. They spawn blind but creepy Warden mobs! We’re fully fanging for the Wild Update dropping this year. It’s going to be packed with fully fresh biome, bigger, better crafting and building choices. Plus, cool new critters.


The big biome for The Wild Update is squelching swamps. Keep your ears peeled for the ribbits and croaks of frogs (plus frog eggs). Crack chests on boats. Plus, check out rad regenerating trees! The Mangrove Swamp is covered in sinking mud. But nab Mud Blocks and combo with Dripstone to make Clay.


Mojang brought back the Mob Vote. This time, the race was between ghostly Glare. Robotic Copper Golem. And awesome fan-fave Allay. Uh oh, looks like we gave away the winner! Allay is coming to Minecraft. Task these fairy friends with collecting stacks of whatever you want.


We know Minecraft is big, but it turns out it’s huuuge! It’s played in every country. There are 500 million players just in China! More than 140 million players played in August 2021 and more than 1 billion multiplayer Minecraft hours were played in 2021 by August!


Seasonal Adventures are coming to Minecraft Dungeons! Score Adventure Points by just playing the game, or stack more by conquering weekly adventures. Combo Adventure Points with the Adventure Pass for groovy gear, cool capes, extra-awesome emotes and pat-able pets. Be sure to visit the Tower for tricky challenges and top treasures!


The first Minecraft Dungeons season is called The Cloudy Climb. Clamber into the content to nab a spotted-pig pet. Plus, a raving raven, a truly treasured golden parrot, and a bunch of others! Our fave unlockable emote lets you lie down for a breather.

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