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Park Games To Play

Park Games To Play

Dive into the digital delights of building your own parks or playing through premade playgrounds with these perf park-packed picks!


Coast on by at full-throttle, gravity-defying speeds in Planet Coaster. Plus, there’s stacks of other rides to stuff into your make-a-mark dream theme park. All you need is a spark. Create some newfangled high-tech rides that’d impress Tony Stark. But, really, it’s all about those crazy coasters! Or make the goodies scream in Evil Genius 2!


Disembark from the screams of a theme park and make some schemes for an animal team park. That’s totes what Planet Zoo is all about! Go wild with a wide range of wildlife. Throw together zoo parks all over the world. Or dig into your creativity in Sandbox mode. Or get close to cute zoo critters in Zoo Tycoon!


Zoos are great and all. But what about bringing back beasts that have been extinct for millions of years? Jurassic World Evolution lets you build your own historic prehistoric Jurassic Park. Y’know, for dinos to dine on visitors. No, no, no. Wait. Try to stop dinos from nomming on your park peeps! Or say you saw a dinosaur in Hidden Through Time!


If you don’t wanna build your own park, have a gander at Untitled Goose Game. Peck your way through loads of puzzles with one silly goal. Get into a mountain of messy mischief! Like the IRL park, this game is fully fun (and even funnier) in co-op. Or peck your way to a new park in Copoka!


Best bit about video games? There aren’t any rained-off park days! Fang into the furious footy (soz, soccer) fun in FIFA 21. Or score stacks more than 19 runs in Cricket 19. Evolve your skills in AFL Evolution 2. Then tuck and ruck into rad rugby with Rugby 20 or Rugby League Live 4. Or rush across the green stuff in Mario Golf: Super Rush!


Using your legs is one EZ way to really get around a park. But there’s a wheely faster way! Drop into insane off-road speeds in a giant national park-like place in Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Or upgrade from two wheels to four and shred up a skatepark in Skater XL. Or descend into the out-of-control fun of Descenders!

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