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I want to join in - Serena l I love you guys and also thanks for spending time to make this mag - Charles Hi k-zone! I’ve been reading your magazines for over a year now and I just wanted to thank you for all news that you put in them. I’ll be sure to put in one of my unlucky things too. Anyway that’s all from me, bye! - Gabriel Shout out to all Kzoners! - Xavier G Started reading 2 years ago and I can’t stop - Bracken K zone is so cool - Elliot M I love Star Wars and k-zone! - Fletcher. I LUV KZONE IT IS DA BESSTTTT!!! #1 mag! - Thomas kzone rulessssssssssss - anthony K-ZONE IS THE BEST - Kennedy P
Playing Now: Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain

Playing Now: Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain

Embiggen your big-brain skills in the mind-bending, head-scratching, bonce-stretching, competitive fun of Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain! Available On: SWITCH

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain says it all in the game name. First, bring your big brain. Then school it in tonnes of fun-filled brain-teasing minigames. Plus, school other brains with your bigger brain in cool competitive modes. The basics of the core five categories are a breeze. Show your strengths in Identify: pair pets and plants, finish incomplete pics, or speedily spot an animal. Fast answers win big here! Then master Memorize. Recollect big numbers, shapes and critters. Plus, keep track of fast-moving targets. Then ace Analyze by counting cubes, weighing up weights, blasting shapes, and nailing correct critter categories. Calculate correct responses in Compute by mastering maths and taming time. Then win in Visualize by spinning shapes in your mind! Nab glorious gold medals in all Practice activities to unlock the mysterious question-mark category. Then put your heads together in the heady head-to-head competitive modes.


If you wanna take out the top spots and tackle the trickiest challenges, you’re gonna have to put in the practice. Def don’t skip the initial training – spend some serious time there wrapping your noggin around the Practice categories. This lets you master each format and gives you the best chance of conquering comps!

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