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Playing Now: Mario Golf: Super Rush

Playing Now: Mario Golf: Super Rush

There may not be a playable Link, but the Ninty links to getting the gold out of these golf links are from the Mushroom Kingdom! Available On: Switch

You don’t need to trek a fair way down the golf fairway to find the hole-in-fun of Mario Golf: Super Rush. First, chip away at the good-as-gold adventure in story mode. Got a whiff of a whiff? Rough stuff. So say no thanks to shanks. Then def choose nailing golden aces over picking bogeys as you tee off against your fave Mushroom Kingdom mates. Shine your character stats for boosted power. Enhanced movement. And sneaky extra spin. Then of course you can club your character and their stats into other courses in other modes. Putt your butt off in Standard Golf. Or grand slam into the awesome foursome frantic fun of Speed Golf. Everyone takes turns in Standard Golf. Speed Golf has you and three pitch pals teeing off at the same time. Fore for sure! So sink your ball first. Use dashes or special shots to get ahead. Mischievous Mario can even blow away other players’ balls.



There are now 12 Mario Golf games. The first proper one teed off all the way back in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. Well, technically, the first one was NES Open Tournament Golf in 1984 that let you swing as Mario! And the last game was Mario Golf: World Tour for Nintendo 3DS.


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