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Pokémon Snap Intro

Pokémon Snap Intro

Snap up snappy snapshots of your fave Pokémon in a reborn spin-off that’ll put a smile on your dial! Available On: Switch

Pokémon spin-off games are rad. We love solving mysteries in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. Cracking cases with Detective Pikachu in Detective Pikachu. Plus throwing down in Pokkén Tournament. Now we’ve had a sneak peek at the newest one. Pokémon Snap. Oh, snap! We reckon it’ll be a big-tick pick for taking quick pics. Coz that’s totes what you do. Instead of filling a Pokédex with Poké Pals. You’re filling a Photodex with the cool and candid shots of cute critters. These small and sizeable castaway strays are at large and living large on some sweet unexplored islands. It’s up to you to record what they do when no-one’s around. Like, snap a shot of apple-munching Pikachu. Pop a pic of Pichu and Scorbunny riding a raging Torterra. Or film a top-shelf selfie of a full-sized Wailord as it breaches near the beaches. You’ll totes wanna catch ’em all with a Poké pic instead of a Poké Ball!


The orig Pokémon Snap game is taken from the old-school Nintendo 64 photo album. It was an on-rails (rollercoaster-like) spin-off that was the first to feature fully 3D Pokémon! You’d lob apples and pester balls (not Poké Balls) to encourage Pokémon to give you the best pic possibilities.

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