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Sonic Frontiers Intro

Sonic Frontiers Intro

Sonic is so incredibly fast he’s in the lead all the time as he runs golden rings around the worlds of Sonic Frontiers! Available in late 2022 on: PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S, SWITCH

There’ve been stacks of speedy Sonic games before. There’s even been at least a dozen fully 3D Sonic ones, but there hasn’t been one like Sonic Frontiers. Why? Older Sonic spins are zoned off. As in, you zone into a level, then you zone out. But Sonic Frontiers is fully open-zone spread across the starry Starfall Islands. Like Breath of the Wild, you see it, you can go there. ’Cept you’ll be spinning there at super speeds, natch. Roll across rolling landscapes at loopy speeds. Then loop up to new heights at full throttle. It’s not all flat surfaces. There’s plenty in your way. Like tree-stuffed forests. Wet-and-wild waterfalls. Plus, powerful foes you’ll wanna run circles around. Story basics and secrets are tucked into Sonic’s red kicks for now, but we reckon you’ll get to have a crack at Dr Eggman. And Tails will tail you at some point to lend a foot, uh, hand!


Ian 'BumbleKing' Flynn is the writer of Sonic Frontiers. BumbleKing got his start by pestering Archie Comics with comic story pitches. Before this, he was already writing unofficial Sonic comics because he loved the speedster so much. These days, he’s earned his creds writing Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe comics!

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I am sooo hyped for this game and I can’t wait for it. I am the biggest sonic fan, so I can’t wait to play this on my switch!!! Gotta go fast!
24/7/2022 10:06:14 AM
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