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Star Wars Episode VIII Release Date

Star Wars Episode VIII Release Date

Are you ready for the next movie?

K-Zoners, we loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens so much that we want to see what happens next RIGHT NOW! Ahem, or whenever, it’s cool.

Originally, Disney announced the release date for Episode VIII as May 2017, but unfortunately they’ve said they’re gonna have to push it back, due to some other big movies coming out. So we can expect to see it in cinemas from December 15, 2017!

It may seem like a LOONNG wait, but luckily there are a lot of other big movies coming out this year and next, so check out our movie list to get stoked. Aideen from Aideen’s Blog of Awesome on the K-Zone website also gets all the hottest movie goss and will update you with any secrets that she learns.

Will you be watching the next Star Wars movie? What movies are you looking forward to coming up? Tell us in the comments below!

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