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shout out to solomon.kzone is the best - sam shout to my cousins edyn and remy and my sisters mia and layla also my mum and dad. and my brother Logan - Miles A The perfect kids mag doesn’t exi- - Zach G i love to buy K-zone mags because they make me laugh and because I love the competitions and lachlan is my favorite youtuber - baxter BEEEEEEEST MAG EEEEEEEEVVEEERRRR - Kaijarra T Hi Everyone! - Eli K-zone is the best and I recommend k-zone should have some more posters in the mags - Harley d K-zone is the best! Shout out to my BFFs Peter and Chris! - Aiden W What up!love the mags, keep it up - Alexander G GO KZONE SHOUT OUT TO MY BROTHER IN LAW JOSH! - Bodhi