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Star Wars Rebels Comic: The Fake Jedi

Star Wars Rebels Comic: The Fake Jedi

Check out Kanan’s next rad adventure ONLY in K-Zone!

Yo K-Zoners!

If you haven’t got K-Zone’s Mag of Awesome yet, what are you waiting for?!

We’ve got another WICKED Star Wars Rebels comic that you’ll find ONLY in K-Zone!
In this month’s installment, The Fake Jedi, Kanan has fled an attack by the Empire and is rescued by some locals after an emergency landing gone wrong in a village called Vyndal.
They take him to their leader, Yeleb The Protector, a so-called Jedi who isn’t quite what he seems.

But when the Empire turns up looking for Kanan and threatening to destroy the village, can Yeleb step up and save his people? And will Kanan make it out alive?

Check it out from page 74 of the current July 2016 issue of K-Zone to find out!
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd

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