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Swimming Tips With Michael Klim

Swimming Tips With Michael Klim

These tips will make you a swimming champ in no time!

Here at K-Zone, we reckon swimming is such an awesome form of exercise, so we went straight to an expert to get the best tips just for you! Check out Olympic gold-medalist Michael Klim’s swimming training tips here:

  1. Practice your breathing. Breathing is the key to a successful stroke, and can affect your rhythm if you aren’t getting it quite right.
  2. Choose the correct swimming gear. Bro, make sure you’re comfortable – you want it to be practical rather than just looking rad!
  3. Goggles. It’s super important to have the right kind that are comfortable for you, and if they’re fogging up, you can even use some demisting fluid before you swim.
  4. Adjust to cold water. The temperature can be a bit of a shock if you jump straight in! It’s always a good idea to walk in slowly and splash some water in your face to get used to it first.
  5. After exercising, drink some milk. Milk or flavoured milk after exercise is awesome because there’s a combo of carbohydrates, protein and fluid, making them some of the best drinks for rehydration and refuelling.

If you love swimming and want to swim with Michael Klim, you can attend his Legendairy Splash and Swim event in Sydney on April 16! Click here for more info.

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