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Ultimate Tag: Meet Parkour Pro Michael 'The Kid' Khedoori

Ultimate Tag: Meet Parkour Pro Michael 'The Kid' Khedoori

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KZ: Hi Michael! What was the personal highlight of your time on the show?

M: I would say my personal highlight on Ultimate Tag was when I was physically grabbing that tag and finally catching the runner each time! It was the most satisfying (and fun) moment.

KZ: Can you explain your name, The Kid, to K-Zoners?

M: I’ve actually been called The Kid as a nickname for years and it has kind of stuck.  It’s because I’m quite young (19 years old) – I love the nickname.

KZ: How do you handle nerves or pressure before each course?

M: If I am scared or a bit nervous when running out onto the course, I try to calm myself down by taking some deep breaths and focus on what I have to do.  I concentrate and think about the main overall goal.

KZ: What was the funniest thing that happened on the show or behind the scenes?

M: Just ahead of a race you would enter the Ultimate Tag arena, and the funniest part of the show  for me was watching everyone’s ‘walk out’ because each runner or Pro Tagger had their own personality and that was the time to really show it off in front of the audience.

KZ: What do you think is your greatest strength or unique skill that sets you apart in the competition?

M: I would say my speed, endurance and agility sets me apart from most other Pro Taggers and runners. I have been doing parkour for just over five years now and those are things that really helped me in the arena to tag my opponent.

KZ: Did you learn anything new or surprising, or gain a new skill, while on the show?

M: Ultimate Tag helped me develop my skills on tagging and chasing competitors and be quick on my feet, this has helped me become faster when training parkour which I do every day.

KZ: Would you rather compete against Sonic the Hedgehog, or The Flash?

M: I don’t think I can compete against either of them they are too fast! But if I had to choose, I’d go with The Flash. The Kid vs The Flash – who do you think would win?!


HAVE A TERRIBLE MEMORY: I think everyone forgets things at some point, but we never forgot to give it our all in the arena.

HAVE THE BIGGEST COSTUME COLLECTION: Hollywood! Just like his name, always finding a different costume to wear.

MAKE EVERYONE LAUGH: Dominator! Not only is he always falling over, but he is always making jokes.

Want to read more of our interview with The Kid? Grab the May issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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