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Join Owen Joyner For New Knight Squad Episodes

Join Owen Joyner For New Knight Squad Episodes

Owen shouts out to K-Zoners!

Did you know Owen Joyner, star of Nickelodeon's Knight Squad, recently visited Australia?
He took a break from playing Arc to check out Nickelodeon Land at Sea World on the Gold Coast, and sent an awesome shout out to K-Zoners!

Who's your fave Knight Squad character? Let us know in the comments below.

Owen also answered a few of our big questions, check out what he had to say!

KZ: What’s at the top of your list of things to do in Australia?

O: Hug a koala, see a kangaroo, and try Vegemite.

KZ: What’s your favourite snack?

O: Cereal and chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk.

KZ: What did you think about acting before you started?

O: I thought it was only for girls because I only knew acting through musicals. They asked me to try acting but at the time I only played baseball, but then I tried it and loved it. Acting is for everyone!

Catch new episodes of Knight Squad, Mondays to Thursdays at 5:30pm from November 12 on Nickelodeon!

by Aideen
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