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The 2019 Splatoon 2 Australia and New Zealand Champions

The 2019 Splatoon 2 Australia and New Zealand Champions

Hey K-Zoners! Did you know that Will, Jackson, Iona, George and Trent from Lime Soda are the 2019 Splatoon 2 Australia and New Zealand Champions? I was able to chat to Jackson between games, to ask about his experience as a member of the 2019 Splatoon 2 Australia and New Zealand Champion team!

KZ: Hi Jackson! How did all the members of Lime Soda start playing together?

J: Lime Soda joined together in August of 2018. The original four members were Will, George, Iona and Jack, who played together until recruiting me in January of this year, and recently adding Trent to the roster.

Lime Soda prepare to compete at the Splatoon 2 Australasian Open Grand Final!

KZ: What do you enjoy and dislike about Splatoon 2?

J: The thing I enjoy most about Splatoon 2 is definitely the community around the game – especially the Australian community. Everyone is always welcoming, helping each other out, and practising in order to improve their skills as a team and individually. The one thing I dislike is the fact the Australian community has less opportunities to play in international tournaments online or locally. Australia is so far away from other countries, which makes different time zones and the cost of travel difficult.

Lime Soda at the Splatoon 2 Australasian Open Grand Final with MD Mr Yoshimura and their championship prize, custom Pro Controllers!

KZ: As Splatoon 2 Australasian Open Grand Final champions, you attended the June World Championship in Los Angeles to represent Australia and New Zealand. What was the highlight of your experience in LA?

J: Definitely meeting all the international teams and commentators, as well as playing on the big stage in front of hundreds of fans in the theatre, and online watching the stream.

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