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Do not stop making comics! I have got every book in every series! and i absoulutely love kzone! - luke N Hi to everyone reading this! - Adam B k zone is so cool OWEN - Owen t hi l love love love sqishamals. they are so cute!!! - ashlee k Kzone is amazing πŸ˜‰ - Ferdinando k zone is the best and i love the magazines as well as the pranks to do on my siblings :) - chadia d I love k-zone so much! - Jonathan - Jonathan T I love K zone I wish I could have bought every copy in the universe keep on doing what you do issiah😍😍😍😎 - Dale T hi KZONE - Manny b Everything - Bob


hahahahahahaha omg it is so funny
8/23/2018 2:20:00 AM
I dressed up as the joker
4/19/2018 10:06:47 AM
I never knew some celebrities dressed up in (kinda) ridiculous costumes
9/25/2016 10:43:10 PM
So funny and ridiculous. I like Dove Cameron and Taylor Swift they're cut..
12/30/2015 10:59:32 AM
I dressed up as a creepy zombie.
12/28/2015 9:48:48 AM
Ah, GINGERbread man I get it
12/12/2015 3:39:49 AM
The game you're most excited for?
Skylanders Imaginators
Pokémon Sun and Moon
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild