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BEST MAG EVEEERRRR - Matilda R k-Zone is da best I have 36 comics altogether - beckett d I LOVE K-ZONE I HAVE 15 In TOTAL - Patrick S Hi everyone - jack g shout out to all my friends in NZ and my little brother :-) - calan R K-zone delivers BIG TIME when we ask for a good magazine k- zone does it np shout out to the k-zone crew! - Tate A K-zone is the best magazine. - Charlie P Kzone is the best comic ever - Angus b The magazine have been so much fun to read. It’s going to be my birthday in lockdown. Me and my family would love the game console because I am so bored in lockdown. I’m 11 and I’m turning 12 this will be a great prize - Shaneel D kzone and the kzoners are the best! - Lachie J


Tags:   k-zone lego


Luke C
This mag is way better than the krash mag
14/4/2019 5:46:22 PM
Hey K-zone! remember when I won the survey prize? the prize was EPIC!!!!!! I just wanna say thanks and it was a really good prize! love, Kit
13/4/2019 3:58:25 PM
Thomas C
Hello shout out to my bros and friend Chuy M
11/4/2019 1:54:04 PM
Thomas C
Hello shout out to my bros and friend Chuy M
11/4/2019 1:52:38 PM
What a mag. Keep it up K-Zone. Shout out to beau. My BBF best bro forever
8/4/2019 3:56:30 PM
imogen l
hey guys you are soooo cool i wish i could have every mag that you make but i am not allowed to :(
4/4/2019 6:05:48 PM
Awesome I am definitely getting that magazine
1/4/2019 6:35:40 PM
Which Star Wars: The Force Awakens character would win?
Kylo Ren