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Hi from Adelaide - Evan d yo bro like I love it helpful stuff about games and stuff. - flexion b Hi guys, i love the competitions you guys have made! - Tanya M Hi K zone love your website! :) - Eleanor I love sonic and k-zone - Andriy I LOVE K-ZONE SOOOO MUCH!!! - Yoshi I am new but I tried the Minecraft commands and they are EPIC thanks - Chris K-Zone rules! - Patrick J LET'S GO K-ZONE!!! - Thomas F K-ZONE is VERY helpful - KingT

Back Chat Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Back Chat, where we read your shout outs, emails and letters!

Dan tackles the tough questions sent in by K-Zoners. How many characters are there in Star Wars? When will time travel come to Earth? Check out these brain busters and more from the newest addition to K-Zone TV!

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