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Keep ur mags rollin - Tom WE LOVE TO BE A WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER BRUh - Jack S K-zone da best - Tom k-zone and Minecraft are the greatest mag in history - Tai hi - Yuta B minecraft 4 ever lol - oliver s i love your mags and can you please make a kzone mag about amoung us - declan F Shout out to my awesome brother and all k-zoners out there! - Hayley H Love you k-zone, still waiting for my December mag! P.S. Back into lockdown...😒 - Ollie You have the greatest stuff in the whole UNIVERSE!!!!! Thanks K-Zone you’re the best! - Alan J


Your the best loved your show and all our videos πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»
9/1/2017 3:19:01 AM
that guy is all the mad things 6x
31/12/2016 12:19:41 AM
I bet he made all the cards that card
19/12/2016 11:24:51 AM
The Magician that stopped the world has returned!!! He's the best Magician worldwide I love every single trick he does, and don't have a clue he does any.
19/10/2016 9:24:49 AM
The Best Part of The Weekend?
No school!
Weekend adventures!
Sleeping in!
Hanging with friends!