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i love kzone you can win the best stuff - Natalie l Hey, K-Zone Team! Love the work and can't wait for the new issue! I hope I will be able to win a couple of prizes from last months draw (especially the HP house one)! Keep up the GREAT work! - Nick S Hey, this is actually a cool website, I was just searching on the Minecraft Commands, and I think this website gets 5 stars. - CreeperNotFound I love video games - Ari O Awesome mags I will be reading them for ever - Eden M kzone is the best in the world - jack f I ❤️ K-zone and Nintendo P.s I am saving for a Nintendo switch ✌️ - Emerson EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - benjamin Khomeini is just overall the GOAT - Oly love the commands!!! :D - idk

K-Zone April Issue Teaser: Monster Fun

The April issue is Monster Fun!

Raya and The Last Dragon is now in cinemas and available on Disney+ Premiere Access, so we explore each of the five lands and the people that make up Raya’s epic adventure! Did you know that the lands of Kumandra might not be real, but all are inspired by very real places on Earth?

Ever walked into a room to the sound of entrance music? You might be a wrestling fanatic. We’ve put together 20 signs that WWE rules your life, and if any ring true, you most certainly have WrestleMania on the brain!

MCU fan favourite Loki has his own show arriving in May. In the lead up to the release, we’ve put together all we know, think we know and don’t know about the forthcoming Loki series.

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum are back! The pair star in the upcoming episode of Adventure Time: Distant Lands. Our overview of the ep titled Obsidian is a must read before it airs March 27 on Cartoon Network!

Plus, catch fresh Godzilla VS Kong memes, K-Zone’s collection of fave grossest movie moments and our catalogue of the grossest Pokémon from the last 25 years.

Oh! We also have plenty of pranks, puzzles and prizes, as well as a Star Wars comic, a Raya and the Last Dragon or Pokémon 25th Anniversary mega poster, and two WWE posters!

The April issue is on sale now, and comes with free* Freaky Fart Ooze. There are two colours to collect!


Carlos E M
hi K-Zone !! my usual monthly question... What's the title of April's issue STAR WARS comic ?? thanks !!
17/3/2021 4:52:43 PM
Which group would be the best squad?
Teen Titans Go!
The Avengers