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K-Zone TV Episode 47: Ready, Set... Smash

Ange and Dan unbox the March issue!

Ange and Dan unbox the March issue!

Gamers beware: we have stacks on new and upcoming games – a whopping 20 pages worth. Hooley dooley! If you aren’t into games, don’t freak out just yet. The LEGO Movie 2 is out next month and we can’t wait to reunite with our heroes for an all-new adventure. In the lead up, cop some optimistic advice from master builder Emmet.

The newest addition to the MCU, Captain Marvel, gets the K-Zone treatment. Read up, K-Zoners. One of Marvel’s most powerful super heroes is about to become your fave! Speaking of, we chat with Marvel comic artist Patrick Brown, who shows us his way of drawing a certain purple, gauntlet wearing baddie.

Oh, and you know we have all the pranks, puzzles and prizes you could want. No biggie.

The March issue comes with a free Marvel Ooshie. There are two to collect!

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