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Pil's Adventures Trailer

Pil, a little orphan, lives in the streets of the city of Roc-en-Brume with her three tamed weasels, and survives by stealing food from the castle!

The sinister regent Tristain wants to steal the throne, and one day, Pil disguises herself by wearing a princess dress. Mistaken for a princess, Pil must save Roland, the heir to the throne, who has been transformed into a chickat by Tristain's spell!

Pil's Adventures is in cinemas June 2!

Want more information on Pil's Adventures? Grab the June 2022 'Worlds Collide' issue, out now!


Benji f
I Loved it.Cant wait until it comes out.
2/6/2022 3:37:37 PM
Which character has the best armour?
The Mandalorian
Wonder Woman