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Sam Rockwell’s Ultimate Team Up

Sam Rockwell, AKA Mr. Wolf, tells us about his favourite funny moments in The Bad Guys!

Team K-Zone’s Ange asks Sam Rockwell who he would choose for his team on an important mission, which animal should join the pack in The Bad Guys, and more!

If you had an important mission like the pack in The Bad Guys, who would you add to your team? Let us know in the comments below!

Want to read our interview with Sam and other actors in The Bad Guys? Check out the April 2022 issue of K-Zone, out now!

Watch our interviews with Anthony RamosCraig Robinson, and Marc Maron from The Bad Guys!

The Bad Guys is in cinemas March 31!


Can’t wait. This is gonna be bad!!
15/3/2022 7:47:28 PM
Which singing activity is more fun?