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AYYYYYYYYYYY - Cam i trolled my friends lol - CONZOOR K-zone rules - joshua c YO YO YO! K-zone your the best! - Jacob Shout out for the Star Wars Adventures comic at the end. !!! I Love reading K-Zone every month! Best Birthday present ever! - Colby D I love the Agents of Awesomeness, especially the GRU section, he’s totally cool. Kzone you’ve done it again, you’re so amazing, love the latest copy - Jeremy B Shout out to my three best friends, Ezaz, Faruk and Shadhin! AKA the tara tinjon! - loondu I love ur mags, I’ve been reading them for 3 years and I still love them! - Ryan L let go and relas - patrick I LOVE MINECRAFT - Annie

Wonder Woman