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I LOVE K-ZONE! - Kai Hi to everyone reading this! - Adam B K-zone is the best thing ever - Riley hi l love love love sqishamals. they are so cute!!! - ashlee k Hi Kzone thank you for having Mario & Lego Movie 2 in this issue xx - Lachlan M hi I like lego movie2 it is awsome!! see you soon! - ashlee k I LOVE K-Zone! 😍😎 keep it cool K-Zone - Dale T Hey K-Zoners!! This mag is the greatest! 😆😆😆 - Hamza D hey kzone. I love your work and have nearly 2 years worth of magazines. And also...YEET - asher h hey.shout out to my best friends Tye,Byron and riley. - asher h


i got stars wars in the quiz yaaaaaaaaaaaaa iam sooooooooooo happy
6/15/2016 11:05:44 AM
I got starwars on this Disney Infinity Quiz... yeeey ''The light side will always beat the dark!''That's me
12/19/2015 11:39:39 AM
I got star wars and it said "why save the world now when you can save it in the future". that doesn't make sense because it says a long time ago in a galaxy far far away right?
11/27/2015 8:15:49 AM
K-zone is the best thing I've ever come across!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/24/2015 6:49:56 AM
The avengers world cool bring it on Ultron and Loki. By the way see the new avengers its awesome! I saw it.
5/20/2015 5:39:04 AM
K-ZONE RULES!!!!! !!!!!!
5/17/2015 7:30:04 AM
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