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12 Racing Games To Try

12 Racing Games To Try

Rediscover your need for speed with this starting line-up of racing games that let you burn rubber around stacks of tracks!


’Kay, so you’re not old enough to drive juuust yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play games that digitally recreate IRL racing! Tear up tracks with the super-sim F1 2021 at speeds above 300km/h. Or trade tracks for time attacks on drift-happy dirt roads in WRC 10. If there’s a racing sim that you wanna go pro in, it’s this one coz it’s the official videogame of the 2021 World Rally Championship and features wicked wheels and rallies from the season!


Flying across the finish line first in an unscraped speedster is rad, but want more prang for your bang? Chase the chequered flag and play car-dinging tag in Wreckfest (now out on next-gen consoles and Switch)! Or push pedal to metal while bending the metal of crash-crazy cars in Destruction AllStars.


Tearing up tracks is rad, but it’s even more rad when you can see those sweet rides elsewhere! Like, get your high-tech, high speeds on with Fast & Furious: Spy Racers – Rise of SH1FT3R. Lapped that? Time to lap up the diecast toys to full-fast joys of Hot Wheels Unleashed.


Sometimes racing isn’t about the finish line. It’s about the full-throttle road trip! Trek through the gorgeous full-speed fun of Forza Horizon 5. Race solo, compete against others, or simply soak in the views. Plus, embrace the cool chaos of Taxi Chaos as you fair fly around corners (and over buildings) with funny fares.


Taking a ride on the wild side doesn’t always mean you need a cool car. Riders Republic picks up the pace as you race between big-jump biking, speed-skidding skiing, sludge-sliding snowboarding and wingsuit wrangling! Not weird enough? Go wild with Cruis’n Blast’s tops tamed Triceratops, homing Hammerhead Shark. Plus, a unique rideable Unicorn!


If you wanna become a racing legend, you’ll need to get loud. Y’know, loud with the fart-like sounds of roaring engines! Become the latest laser-fast legend in Grid Legends, which is out February 22. Coming soon you’ll then be able to lap up the love of the legendary MX vs ATV Legends and face-off between four-wheeler squealers and two-wheeler finish-line stealers!

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