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6 Chaotic Games You Have To Try

6 Chaotic Games You Have To Try

Prep your laughing gear for these six sweet games that are all about solo LOLs or friend-filled fun times!


You’re gonna fall in love with Fall Guys. It’s you vs 59 other players. Smash or sneak through one round. Then the next one’s totes trickier. Your goal of LOLing your way through stacks of mini-games? A mighty floating crown at the end. Makes sense that the latest cool content is ye olde medieval themed! Fall Guys is an online game. You’re anonymous. But remember to game safely!

Available On: PS4, PC


First, pick your fave fuzzy friend in Party Animals. Punchy puppies. Karate kittens. Or, uh, dangerous dinos? Dinos ain’t furry. But they are fiery! Then use the power of physics to pummel the other party poopers! Jump on heads. Drop ’em down hatches. Or smack the suckers with giant lollipops.

Available On: PC


Battling against buds is fun. But fighting alongside friends is totes funner! Battletoads takes a trio of talented toads. Chucks in waves of bonkers enemies. Tricky puzzles. And an impossibly speedy turbo tunnel (good luck). Plus, loads of laughs. The result? A chaotic co-op brawler that stands toad-ally taller!

Available On: Xbox One, PC


Untitled Goose Game gives you the entitled title of ‘world’s naughtiest goose’. There’s a villager full of peeps minding their own business. Aim of the game? To get into some seriously hilarious hijinks. Plus, the devs patched in two-player co-op mode recently. Time to release the geese!

Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC


Gang Beasts is the ultimate jelly-based throwdown showdown. Don’t get jelly. Be jelly (fighters). Load up Gang Beasts on the tele. Then tally up your fave fighter for a rally. Oooh, we like the one with the jiggly belly! Now fight in stacks of mad places, even a sinking galley.

Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC


Cook up a chaotic storm of tasty frantic fun in Overcooked 2. You’re the chef. And you can stuff the increasingly crazier kitchens with up to three more cooks. Cooking classes start off EZ enough. But then the bonkers begins. Tricky orders. Split kitchens. Dire fires. And so much more mayhem!

Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Are you playing any of these games? Let us know in the comments below!

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