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A Rat’s Quest Intro

A Rat’s Quest Intro

Take Mat from lost rat to back home in his flat in the fully furry fun adventure of A Rat’s Quest! Available In 2022 On: PC, PS4, XBO, SWITCH

Mat is a rat. He’s in love with Nat, who’s a mouse, not a rat. But the rodents’ rad plan to run away together is ruined. Now Mat is trapped far from the cellar this fella calls home. Time to start the epic trek back! Natch, there are lots of tricky threats in Mat’s way. Phooey! Best help stop him from becoming ratatouille. What’ll you find on the road? How about a towering toad with a giant tongue to unload. That’s just one sticky frog-like foe in Mat’s epic journey across weird woodlands, creepy caves and sinking swamps. Good thing our padded-pal is armed. A rivet sword to stop ribbiting foes. Plus, a tossable nail (or few) to make tough-as-nails baddies wail. Everything’s not a-okay back home, either. Help Mat sniff out the big cheese behind the threat to his home. We reckon you’ll laugh and love Mat’s rat’s-eye view on this wonderful world.


Publisher Handy Games has had a hand in some slick K-Zone faves. Like the wet-and-wild wonders of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, or the out-of-the-box fun of Pile Up! Plus, they seem to love launching games with “Quest” in the name. Titan Quest Legendary Edition. Lock’s Quest. Now A Rat’s Quest.

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