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Beat The Boss With Ashleigh Ross From The Gamers 2037

Beat The Boss With Ashleigh Ross From The Gamers 2037

Ashleigh Ross plays Xeon in The Gamers 2037, which is streaming now on 9Now! The series is set in a dystopian future where gaming is banned and three former friends must overcome their differences to beat an unbeatable A.I. controlled puzzled-based Virtual and Augmented Reality Gaming (VAARG), or risk becoming trapped in the machine forever!

KZ: HI Ashleigh! Should K-Zoners look out for any Easter eggs or hidden details in The Gamers 2037?

A: Absolutely! I’m sure there are a few little hidden details that could definitely be found! I won’t give anything away, but they should absolutely keep an eye out!

KZ: What was the highlight of your time on the show?

A: Definitely meeting the cast and crew. We all really connected and got along super well.

KZ: What is your favourite game of all time, or your favourite to play at the moment?

A: Would have to say Mario Kart or Super Mario Brothers! Been favourites of mine ever since I was younger!

KZ: Do you have any talents that would surprise K-Zoners?

A: I used to be a dancer when I was younger! I did that for about 15 years and still love it!


Play an instrument: I reckon Marvin could play the guitar or maybe a banjo!

Win at arm wrestling: Miah!! She's super athletic so I feel like she would win.

Eat gross food for a dare: Marvin again! Definitely the type of person to do something for a dare.

Have the biggest costume collection: Absolutely me. All my old dance costumes are in a big box in my room.

Trip on nothing: Marvin! I don’t know for sure but he certainly gives me the ‘trip on nothing’ vibe – ha ha!

Compete at the Olympic Games: That might be between Miah and me, as we are both super physical!

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