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Behind The Scenes: No Straight Roads

Behind The Scenes: No Straight Roads

Meet Wan Hazmer, No Straight Roads Game Director and Metronomik Co-Founder!

KZ: Hi Wan! Where did the idea for No Straight Roads come from?

W: I love rhythm games. I’ve played rhythm games for more than 15 years ago. I’ve always wanted to get other people to play with me, but they always say, ‘I’ll just watch you play.’ It’s very baffling because everyone loves music... Everyone has a sense of rhythm to a certain degree. When you listen to music, when you hear it five times, you understand when the chorus is going to kick in even before it comes. I want people to use that instinct to play No Straight Roads.

KZ: How is No Straight Roads different to rhythm games?

W: In a rhythm game, bars are falling down in a line. But for No Straight Roads, it’s enemies attacking. You don’t have to press buttons according to the beat. You can move whenever you want and you can jump whenever you want.

KZ: What’s the difference between groovy guitarist Mayday and deft drummer Zuke?

W: For Mayday, you will have to hold the button more often. Her guitar is basically a huge weapon! Zuke will go beyond three combos and there will be the sound of drums. It’s a bit similar to fighting games, where you have to time your combos properly.

KZ: Oh, so you can’t just button mash?

W: No, so you have to combo so it’s connected. We will give you some cues. Then you have to press to unleash the final combo.

KZ: How tricky does it get?

W: When you beat a level, you can actually go and go to the same concert hall again and hijack it at a higher difficulty. You have to parry most of the stuff or you can’t survive.

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