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Bugsnax Cheats

Bugsnax Cheats

No PlayStation or PC bugs needed to take get your nom on with these tight tips to get the most deliciousness out of Bugsnax! Available On: PS4, PS5, PC


At the start of Bugsnax, your Bugsnax-holding backpack is limited. Upgrade the backpack to make life easier for later missions. First, wait for Gramble Gigglefunny to come to town. Chat to him for the Empty Nest quest. Beat it for a backpack upgrade. Then keep donating Bugsnax to his barn for even bigger backpack space!


There are six different sauces in Bugsnax for trapping Bugsnax. Usually, the right sauce is on flowers near the right Bugsnax. But instead of foraging for flower sauce, head to Wambus Troubleham’s small farm at town. Whenever you unlock a new sauce, it’ll be back at the farm. Always stock up on sauce before heading out to speed up Bugsnax trapping!


Here’s how to crack open the mysterious door. Nab the journal key by interviewing Gramble when he’s back in Snaxburg. Do the same with Triffany Lottablog to score Lizbert Megafig’s journal and a missing page. Next beat Cromdo Face’s side quest when he’s back in Snaxburg. Chat to Cromdo for a map to the other missing page. Next, interview Wambus for device notes. Finally, interview Snorpy Fizzlebean for the mountain map.

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