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Cheats: Bowser's Fury

Cheats: Bowser's Fury

Nab Bowser’s Fury tips for getting the most lives, the most coins, and the most out of this rad combo!


Bowser’s Fury lets you store power-ups (five of each) for big battles and peak platforming. Thankfully, four of the six total power-ups are totes easy to farm! Head to Scamper Shores for Super Bells. Leap over to Pounce Bounce Isle for Boomerang Flowers. Fly over to Fort Flaptrap for Fire Flowers. And nab more Super Leaf from Crisp Climb Castle.


Beating Bowser a few times in Bowser’s Fury is the start of the battle. Next, nab all 100 Cat Shines. Then challenge Fury Bowser again. You’ll have to beat him without the help of Giga Bells! But your reward for winning is a new costume for Bowser Jr. Plus, shiny new Giga Cat Mario duds for main dude Mario.

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