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Cheats: Knockout City, Evil Genius 2 and Get-A-Grip Chip

Cheats: Knockout City, Evil Genius 2 and Get-A-Grip Chip

Get a grip on these next-level knockout tips for three totes different games in Knockout City, Evil Genius 2 and Get-A-Grip Chip!


Facing off against a tricky foe in Knockout City? Aim to nab a purple-glowing perfect catch when they line you up. Hot potato it straight back for a fully charged shot. If your timing ain’t purple perf, peg it back immediately for a faster throw that’s totes trickier to dodge!

Available On: PC, PS4, PS5, SWITCH, XBO, XSX/S


It can be tempting to cap snooping goodies in Evil Genius 2. But try to capture them instead. Offed goodies become morale-draining body bags. But captured foes give critical intel. Plus, you can convert them into brainwashed buds built to do your bidding!

Available On: PC


Get-A-Grip Chip is more puzzler than platformer. Take your time in each room. Plan your grappling-hook bolt leaps. Chip can fall from high drops onto solid surfaces. So fling this rad robot rascal around to sniff out high secrets. It’ll help you dig out every hidden Battery Bot buddy!

Available On: PC, Switch

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